Threipmuir Reservoir

Wedding plans are coming along nicely (and slowly), so I thought I'd write a bit here on where I'm at currently. We have the venue, the dress, the website and the honeymoon sorted. We also chose our wedding party and picked a colour scheme (navy, peach/blush and grey - the venue has lots of purples too). I won't mention what we still have to do as the list is frighteningly long (I'm using Trello to keep me organised), but we have most of the big things sorted so there is less of an urgency for the other bits!

Venue: House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Before anything else we concentrated on the venue. We looked in Scotland and Wales, and in the end decided on House for an Art Lover. The house is beautifully decorated, there are surrounding gardens, there's a different room for each part of the wedding (ceremony, reception and evening), and it came in under our budget. We have visited the house a few times now and each time we discover something new, there are so many little details.

Dress: Undisclosed (sorry!)

Finding the dress was a relief, and it was fun to try on different types of dresses. I looked in Edinburgh and Cardiff, with the help of my mum, sister and friend. I was stuck between 2/3 and chose the one that stayed in my mind the most. It will be delivered to the store in January and I'm excited to try it on in my size! The dress above was one the assistant really wanted me to try on - not the one I chose - don't worry I'm not giving anything away :P.


website screenshot

We put together a website that holds some key information which we'll also add the RSVP on to once the invites are sent out. It was fun to put together, and we thought it would be a nice way to introduce our wedding party etc.

Honeymoon: The Maldives

Helengeli Maldives

At first we found it tough as there were so many options, so one day we went out for lunch and to a coffee shop armed with travel magazines and the macbook. Five days later we booked our honeymoon! At the moment I've been addicted to watching youtube videos of snorkelling/scuba diving around the island. We are going all inclusive and staying in a beach villa - it looks incredible!

Just under 5 months to go..!

S. xo