After a few weeks of umming and ahhing over whether to buy a car, today we went ahead and bought one! We've been nervous about getting one since we've had so many problems in the past and they're so much money, even last night we went to bed kinda swayed to the 'we won't get one' side. But we realised that some of our best memories include a car, and driving about and roadtrips are something we both love.

We bought a Ford Puma, mainly for its reliability, and got this one in particular because it was a good deal and had good history and all that stuff. We bought a return train ticket and we were both so nervous, but ended up returning with the car! Exciting times.

We drove back and stopped off at Pentland Hills Regional Park for a little walk by Threipmuir Reservoir whilst the sun popped out of the rain clouds. This is why we chose to buy a car, to make little trips like this that make us smile.

S. xo