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To The Beach

Another day out and this time we headed out of Edinburgh to the lovely Gullane beach. It's around 45min drive from Edinburgh and you can either go the coastal way or the city by-pass way (or there's also a bus). Obviously the best is the coastal way which is 10miles less, and takes you all along the coast through little coastal villages - cute! Jon enjoys driving this road too and we totally recommend it. We've driven along it many times and found lots of nice beaches along the way, in particular the one we returned to today at Gullane.

We lazed on the sand, had a picnic, read our books, freezed our toes in the sea, went for a walk, and lazed some more. I am in need of a tan, my skin is so pale! I tried out my free sample of Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen and it's nice and moisturising and smells really good. I dreamt I was in Hawaii...

S. xo

To The Beach
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