Last night me and my boyfriend went to watch a screening of This Means War. We both enjoyed it, and this was probably mostly because of the cast! It's not a movie that takes itself serious and I found it funny (especially the character Trish) and quite a few people in the cinema were laughing really loud that it felt like we were in the States! If you want to see a screening of this, try my post here for free tickets.

Tonight my friend came over for a movie night with lots of chocolate! We watched The Muppets first and enjoyed it especially the songs, you've gotta love Jason Segel he just makes you smile! Was also looking forward to seeing Neil Patrick Harris in it, but he just appeared for a few seconds (I'm a HIMYM fan btw if you couldn't tell). Then we watched The Woman in Black and we wished we'd watched this before The Muppets! I didn't think it would be that scary because it's only a 12A, but there were a few jumpy moments and I may have screamed twice. I'd recommend it but maybe not if, like me, you were going to be alone shortly after the movie ends. I have turned on every light in my flat so I won't get creeped out!

What movies have you seen recently? I'd recommend all of the above :)