So this is my first ever blog post!

Let's start by introducing myself. I'm a 21-year-old living in Edinburgh with my incredible boyfriend of 6 years. I study Maths (3rd year), enjoy making things and love anything that's free. I hate being cold, which is made worse as my flat has no heating. But anyway,

I started thinking of creating thisĀ  blog when I came homeĀ  from a night of free food and wine at the Italian restaurant Zizzi. I told my friends about the event but it was too late for them to get tickets, and they said that I always manage to find these free things to do so often but they don't have time to look around for them. So now they can just look here instead of traipsing around the web. I may spend too much time refreshing pages and searching, but it's all worth it when I can go to the cinema almost every week and not pay a thing!

I also love creating things, from fresh cupcakes to cute scrapbooks, and want to share the things I enjoy making. Hopefully it'll inspire more people to make things, and save a bit of cash too!