tarte au citron

It's been a quiet weekend. I spent almost all of Saturday in my kitchen (with plenty of cups of tea) whilst the rain poured down. I was waiting in for an IKEA delivery, and when it came Jon and I put together a desk that now sits in the back of our kitchen. Then I did some baking.

Tarte au citron is something I've always wanted to try to bake. I love lemon in cakes (see here, here & here) so it was about time I used them in a tart. I followed Mary Berry's Tarte au citron recipe almost exactly (I made the pastry by hand rather than by food processor). The recipe was much simpler than I thought it would be, and the result is so tasty. There's a perfect amount of zing from the lemons. I think it would be just as good with a bit less sugar though.

This is the first Mary Berry recipe I've tried, (no idea how I managed that) I must test out some more!

tarte au citron2
tarte au citron3

S. xo