A couple of weeks ago Jon suggested we choose 4 different things that we can do together in a month, so one thing each week. The reason for this is because we felt like we hadn't actually been doing much, just kinda hanging about waiting for September to roll around, and so we'd have something to look forward to doing each week. I said we should both write down 4 things we'd like to do and then show each other to see what we come up with. And so we did, and it turned out that we both had the exact same things down. Perfect! We set a maximum budget of £25 for each date, as Jon's started to make some money on the side.

So here's our 4 things:

We are both excited about doing stuff together and finding new places to go. We may only be in Edinburgh for one more year so it's about time we started seeing it and going to the places we've passed by where we'd say 'I'd love to go there one day'. We have short-term things to look forward to and things to work for.

I decided I'm going to document our date nights/days in a mini book, with photos and bits and pieces like cinema tickets for example. I found this date night mini book created by Monica Wright which looks awesome and is the kind of thing I'm hoping to achieve, some great ideas there.

I'll just be collecting bits and getting photos together first before I start putting the book together, as I'll need to buy some little bits like cardstock and book rings etc. Once I get started on it I'll put up a blog post. We started our 4 things last night with a meal at Gusto which was lush, and we are excited about next week!

S. xo