So it's been a while since I shared a peek at my scrapbook. Things slowed down recently as I was doing lots of overtime at work and I felt a couple of photos were missing from my stash to use in the book. But now work has calmed down and my awesome mum gave me an awesome printer so I can get going with it some more.

Today I finished up 3 pages, all of our journey along the Pacific Coast. I cut one of the pages into a semi-circle so all these pages 'fit in' together.

I can't wait to finish it and start journalling and sharing it with you!

Today it was (partially) sunny outside and whilst scrapbooking I watched the birds, ate some flapjack that I made last night and drank cups of tea. I love this project!

S. xo

{Scrapbook peeks are little glimpses of the scrapbook I’ve been putting together of our road trip in the US from last summer. Here are my previous peeks: #1#2#3#4#4.5#5, #6}