I'm really enjoying this project. Even more so now I have a mini stapler. This Bambi one to be precise. It's funny how excited I get about little things like finally owning a stapler - thanks Jon for encouraging me to get it haha. It's so cute though! But anyway, here's my scrapbook peek.

I'm finally getting the hang of making my pockets to hold stuff sturdily, again by cutting a page in half. I even painted this one and cut a rectangle out to show the Alcatraz logo-image-thingy and stuck some acetate film in its place, fancy ;)

I'm still on San Francisco and have a couple of pages still to do here, then only around 5days of the trip left to go before I will get journalling.

S. xo

{Scrapbook peeks are little glimpses of the scrapbook I’ve been putting together of a road trip in the US from last summer. Here are my previous peeks: #1#2,#3, #4, #4.5}