With the weather we've had recently I've spent a lot of time in the flat, from sorting out all of my clothes to sell/give away to playing scrabble. (And I had an 8-letter word but no R on the board - typical!)

I've made some more progress with my travel scrapbook too!

I'm finally on to Yosemite NP, such amazing scenery there we both loved it, a definite must-see if in CA!! I have a lot of pics to fill the next few pages with, and this time I cut one of the pages in half to put the envelope on that holds the leaflets, etc in and it's much sturdier that way (other side shown in the bottom pic painted purple). Wish I did this from the start!

So what things do you like to do on a rainy day?

S. xo

{Scrapbook peeks are little glimpses of the scrapbook I've been putting together of a road trip in the US from last summer. Here are my previous peeks: #1, #2, #3}