Still enjoying this project and making progress, although it's slowed up considerably recently with all this sunny weather as I've not been in much!

Firstly I wanted to show how thick this scrapbook has become. I've been changing things (like re-making pockets out of thinner paper) to make it a bit thinner as it has struggled to close, but I'm pretty impressed by how much has fitted into it.

I've gone back to the beggining of the book to add a couple pages on the planning stages of the trip, just a few pages cut out of the moleskine I was using to plan, some snaps of things like our 'important items to be packed' and a map of our planned route.

I've added journalling to roughly a quarter of the pages so still have a lot more to do with that. I've realised now that I should've just printed off the blog posts and stuck those in within the pages, but hey that's something I've learnt and that's what I would do in the future. For now I shall continue with it, the journalling spots aren't big ones they're just little snippets of what we did on that day so hopefully won't take too much longer to complete.

I did want to include the blog posts in the book, so I just put together the pages on Photoshop Elements and printed them on card and stuck them in at the back.

There are still a few pages at the very back where I'll probably stick in something to hold stuff I couldn't put in the book, and a  DVD of all our photos and our roadtrip playlist. I'm excited to finish it up and to move on to my next project...

S. xo

{Scrapbook peeks are little glimpses of the scrapbook I’ve been putting together of our road trip in the US from last summer. Here are my previous peeks: #1#2#3#4#4.5#5#6#7#8, #9}