Rosslyn Chapel

Last weekend my Dad came up to visit us in Edinburgh. Since he's been to Edinburgh a few times we decided to venture out to places just outside of the city. On Saturday we went to Rosslyn Chapel and Sunday we went on a boat to Inchcolm Island (more on that later). It was a really fun weekend!

Jon and I had stopped by at Rosslyn chapel a few years ago, but we never went inside and we couldn't see the outside since it was covered in scaffolding and a huge umbrella (which was being used to dry out the chapel's walls and roof). It's a very interesting place, made extra famous by The Da Vinci Code, with a mass of intricate carvings everywhere. The guides also do talks inside the chapel, with lots of interesting stories including the 'Apprentice Pillar' and the crazy theories people have about what lies in the buried vaults (Elvis?!).

A very mysterious place and one that I'd recommend visiting! (I have no photos of the inside as photography wasn't allowed)

Rosslyn Chapel 2
Rosslyn Chapel Camel Carving
Rosslyn Chapel 3

Right next to Rosslyn Chapel is Roslin Glen Country Park. It was a very foggy and wet day but we managed to go for a good walk along the river. We passed Rosslyn castle and we were looking for Wallace's cave which after a few detours we managed to find.

Rosslyn Castle
Roslin Glen
Wallace's Cave

S. xo