Last night I was searching the web for summer internships and work experience. I really want to find some in the US, and managed to get a big list of ones I can apply for over there – so my weekend will consist of hours of applying to as many as possible!

Whilst I was looking I stumbled upon the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, a collection of running events across America known for lining routes with live bands, cheerleaders and themed water stations. This year it is being brought over to Europe with events in Edinburgh, Dublin, Madrid and Lisbon. Ooh Edinburgh!

So I went on Rock ‘n’ Roll Edinburgh and the 1/2 marathon is on the 15th April. I’m no way fit enough to take part, but they have volunteering opportunities so I signed up :) It looks like a fun event to be part of so am looking forward to it, you choose what shift you fancy doing with lots of choices of what exactly to do, and they need support from volunteers. And it’s all for charity of course!

To register for the marathon: click here (by 8/4/12)

To register to volunteer: click here

So however you’re taking part, see you there! Hope the weather is nice!