A Google search for 'autumnal baking' on the bus home from work got me inspired to get back in to baking. It has been months since I last baked something. I think the colder, darker evenings are encouraging me to get back to it and get the oven on. I fancied something with fruit, but also something that Jon would also enjoy so I wouldn't eat the whole thing myself right after I made it. Pears were a safe bet.

I followed the Hairy Biker's Pear Frangipane Recipe. I realised as I was rolling the dough my flan tin is a couple inches smaller in diameter than the one in the recipe, which meant I had to cut off quite a lot of pastry and I could only fit two out of three pears on top. I managed to fit all the frangipane filling in it though (phew), but meant I also had to cook it for longer as it's super thick.

I think the dark chocolate on top really finishes it off nicely. It isn't too sweet either which I like, and eaten warm with some vanilla ice-cream is divine.

S. xo