Today is pancake day, so of course I had to make pancakes for breakfast :) Over the weekend I made the Martha Stewart pancakes which I wrote about here and they were more American style and were really good! I usually make the thin type and generally follow this recipe, although I only use 1 egg, and I made these today as I think they're quicker to make than American style. Sadly we've run out of nutella but I still had a couple of strawberries with sugar. Although the bag of sugar does seem to have a hole in the bottom as my kitchen floor was covered in it afterwards, oops :/

I've been spending a bit of my birthday money online and am currently waiting for my Tala Icing Bag Set in Tin so I can start baking cupcakes as I've lost part of my old icing bag set, and this one looks so cute in the tin! I'm also expecting my Echo Park For the Record Paper Collection Kit to come soon, so I can continue scrapbooking, love the alphas and elements in this set. So hopefully they'll be here tomorrow!

I also just found out that last Thursday was apparently something called Fat Thursday, gutted I missed out on that one. It's a Polish tradition, an alternative to pancake day, where they basically eat a lot of doughnuts - I've marked it on my calender for next year!

Anyone celebrate Fat Thursday here? Seems like a good thing to celebrate :p