My very first DSLR! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a fantastic deal on the Nikon D3200, and after researching more in to it I felt I couldn't let it pass by. I have so much to learn and I am super excited to begin. Time to read through the manual and play around a lot. This book is also going on my wishlist. AHH!

new camera

Payday also brought me a new pair of shoes! I've been saying I'd buy a new pair since March when my boots broke. Since then I've been wearing my ballet style shoes to work each day, and they were in desperate need of replacement. Each time it would rain (that's a lot of times) I'd say that I'd buy a new pair of shoes at the weekend. 6 months later and I've finally done it with these tan leather shoes.


This blog inspired me to finally go shopping after I read about the capsule wardrobe idea. Two days later I was onboard and I sorted through everything, and that's when I realised that I could no longer put off buying shoes, so the next day I went to Princes St. My feet will be so thankful, especially with all these rainy days. Time to sell/donate/get rid of lots of clothes and fill out my Autumn capsule some more.

Have a lovely weekend! I'm looking forward to taking a large amount of photos...!

S. xo