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Man on a Ledge

Back home now from seeing the second free movie in a row - Man on a Ledge! Well... I thought it was going to be an alright movie, more my boyfriends type of film, and came away thinking it was just OK. I wouldn't exactly recommend it but it's the type of film that I might put on if it was on TV. It was just a bit cheesy and unrealistic in parts. Just not my cup of tea!

Again Virgin provided us with popcorn, woo! But this time it was in Odeon and their popcorn isn't so nice compared to Cineworld - but I'm not gonna complain about free stuff, we still ate it!! We even had our photo taken on the way in :/ We were told it wasn't going on the website it's just to show that they are doing their jobs, phew...


Man on a Ledge
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