I am a big Lost fan. When it was on TV (over 2 years ago it finished!) me and Jon were both hooked. And I admit I was a bit overly hooked; I was on the forums speculating theories and all. I know sometimes it did go a bit crazy and there were so many questions to be answered, but it was the characters that I loved about it. It's one of my favourite TV shows along with The Shield, and the reasons for both are because of the characters and how much I cared about them.

So now we've just started to watch it all over again! I baked some cookies using my go-to recipe, and decided to quickly ice some of them with a Lost theme. Yep one had the numbers on, and another with the dharma logo. Too cool ha.

They were as yummy as ever, and we pretty much ate them all whilst watching 5 episodes of the show. Although I think we got through most of them in the first episode...

Were you a Lost fan? Love/Hate the ending?

S. xo