I have finally finished 3rd year - yay! My final exam was on Monday so I'm done with uni for 4 whole months - summer has begun! But sadly the weather isn't agreeing with me on that...

Aside from the bad weather (it's Britain after all) I'm enjoying not having to revise anymore and having time to catch up on tv, etc. This currently consists of HIMYM (ah season finale :o), Gossip Girl (another season finale!), Glee (yes I'm a fan), Game of Thrones (crazy), and I've started rewatching The Shield (watch it).

I've also been busy with my scrapbook and managed to complete 3 pages yesterday. Any guesses at to where these photos were taken? ;) My scrapbook peek #3:

And finally I've put film in my new camera and have started snapping away. Can't wait to get it developed even if they do turn out bad..

So now I've got more time on my hands I shall be filling my moleskine up with things I want to do and ideas for the blog. Hopefully things will be getting ticked off a lot more frequently.

Oh and sorry about the amount of brackets used in this post, got a bit carried away!

S. xo