Recently Jon and I...

  • Walked in the Pentland Hills in the rain.
  • Shopped in TK Maxx. Jon picked up an outdoorsy coat and I found some glass cups (we only had one left) which we managed to get the price down to 50p per cup!
  • Watched 2 free movies at the cinema. Hope Springs and Untouchable - I recommend both, especially Untouchable.
  • Explored a part of Edinburgh we hadn't been to before. More on that below.
  • Enjoyed our last week before University begins.
The part of Edinburgh we went to was a bit of a spur of the moment thingy. After driving back from TK Maxx, I spotted a sign for the Royal Observatory and thought we should check it out. We drove past the lovely shops in Morningside and through Blackford, past some gorgeous (and huge) houses that we dreamed of living in, and finally up the steep hill to the Observatory.

We parked up and it seemed like we weren't in the city anymore. We were on Blackford Hill which is a local nature reserve  with fields of grass, crags, a lake and river. So we decided to walk up to the top of hill.  It was such a windy day and at the top I struggled to stand straight! The views from the top were the best I've seen of Edinburgh (a 360° panorama). It was also really quiet, just a few dog walkers and that was it.

These photos were taken on my phone so they're pretty bad quality. [Jon's just renewed his phone contract and now has a Samsung Galaxy S2 (woo!) so I can use the camera on that when I don't have my proper camera with me now :D]

I love finding new places like this. This would be an awesome place to come and watch fireworks or for a picnic in the sun. I'm surprised it's not so well known!

S. xo