I have a thing for bowls. I wanna have lots of different coloured and sized ones to put sweets, crisps, dip, popcorn and anything in. I love watching movies with a load of them filled with a selection of stuff that I can pick and choose from. Maybe it's just that I'm lazy and like to eat sweets - it's easier to get to them when they're not in a packet. But I could say it's 'portion control' instead ;)

Sadly my cupboards in the kitchen are teeny so I can only have a couple, but I enjoy window shopping for bowls almost as much as owning them. Is that weird?

Here are a few of my current favourites a long with some cute bento boxes:

[ordered_list style="decimal"]

  1. Assorted Latte Bowls - Anthropologie
  2. Mini Latte Bowl Set - Anthropologie
  3. Atom Art Bowls - Anthropologie
  4. Aladdin Bento Box - Amazon
  5. Kokeshi Bento Boxes (Ichiro & Hanako) - Harvey Nichols


As well as bowls, I want to own a Bento box. I think they are so cool with compartments and stuff and not clunky like lunch boxes which hardly fit in my bag. I especially like the Aladdin one seen above as it's fully sealable and can store both hot or cold food and keep it that way. Although i'd get the smaller size, this one can be for Jon! I don't enjoy lunch at uni because it's normally a squashed sandwich, but with a bento box I think I'd experiment a lot more and take pasta, couscous etc with me - so much better!

So anyone else like me that loves bowls? Or maybe its spoons or dessert plates? (Both of which I love btw)

S. xo