The past 4 days I've spent spring cleaning the flat. I've cleared out so much stuff and made a little money selling a few things. I've rearranged the bedroom furniture and switched around shelving in the kitchen cupboards. It's kept me busy whilst Jon's been working, and since we are planning to move soon I figured it'd be a good time to get it done.

I love the fresh feeling from decluttering. I bought a couple things to replace some old stuff too which is always fun to do! Jon sleeps better now that we have lovely new pillows which we picked out from TK Maxx. We spent 15 minutes in the shop opening bags and feeling each pillow before we decided which ones to buy.

I bought that aloe vera plant above from IKEA to replace my cactus that died over winter (I left it by the window and I think it froze to death). It's so cool that you can break off a tip and use the gel on burns (it's even edible apparently!) and it's super easy to care for.

I also planted those seedlings above 4 days ago and they shot up after just a day. They are organic phacelia seeds that I ordered for free from Keep Britain Buzzing. I scattered over just a few of the seeds from the packet but I still overdid it! Bees go crazy for these plants, so I'm going to move it outdoors at some point. If our next place doesn't have a garden I may just have to find somewhere to scatter the rest of the seeds...

Hope you are having a great Friday!

S. xo