Hotel Chocolat are giving away a variety of chocolate goodies via their facebook page. All you have to do is like the page and you pick a 'door' to open to reveal your prize! Prizes range from teeny eggs to signature collection boxes and large eggs, some in store are priced at £28! You can even refresh the page if you don't like your prize. Then you just fill in your email address once you've got your prize and they send you a voucher to print and take to your nearest Hotel Chocolat store (excludes John Lewis ones).

[highlight]Free Chocolate Here![/highlight]


I managed to get the Signature box, and my boyfriend got the Egglets basket, mmmm. Need to pick those up asap!

Also, whilst I'm here, there have been a few codes going around for free cinema tickets to see Headhunters, The Cabin in the Woods and The Hunger Games, but have all run out really quickly. It seems they are released 5 mins before I leave my flat for uni the past couple of days, gutted! But that usually means more will be being released soon so I will keep you updated if I manage to find some.