There are many companies that offer free cinema tickets to the public, with most of the viewings before the film is released. The reason they do this is simply for publicity, as they hope that you will enjoy the film and spread the word.

I previously had a Cineworld Unlimited card and used to use it whenever I had the chance (I have made a poster out of all my old cinema tickets which I shall have to post on here sometime ;)). When I started university my budget shrunk and unfortunately I had to give it up. My boyfriend buys me Empire magazine subscription each year for my birthday, and I really enjoy reading it but it's a shame that I have to wait so long to see all the films. But, last year I was looking online for cheap/free things to do and stumbled upon these free cinema tickets! All that you have to do is enter a code on a website, select the cinema and the number of tickets and you are given a ticket to print and take along with you. So simple!

The first film I saw was Drive (great movie) which we went to see at Cameo Picturehouse. This was the first time we had been there and we loved it! It's all old school with really comfy chairs, not like the plasticky ones at multiplex cinemas - highly recommend it. Since then we have seen all sorts of movies at different cinemas across Edinburgh almost every week. We are even greeted with a bag of popcorn and other goodies occasionally!

Today I woke up late even though I had a relatively early night (it is Sunday though after all), and one of the first things I do is get on the laptop and check for free cinema tickets. Sadly, I was too late - all tickets were gone for Titanic 3D and The Muppets. See these deals go quick and if you want the tickets you have to grab them whilst you can. There may still be cancellations and more released so not all hope is lost! Tomorrow we have tickets for Young Adult, and on Tuesday we are seeing Man On a Ledge - can't wait! It's even better that my flat is behind Cineworld and so only takes 5mins to walk there.

So, if you love going to see the latest movies then you may as well save yourselves some money. I will post here any deals that I come across as soon as I find them and then hopefully you can get them too, just be quick!


Here are some of the websites I use to find them, I am so thankful for those that share ticket codes on forums:

(These are ones I most often use. For any Natwest, Sky and Timesplus customers - these companies all offer free movies too!)