As previously posted, Glamour magazine are currently giving away Benefit products with their magazines. So today after work I was walking back through town and decided to stop off at Boots on Princes St and found loads of them on the shelves. I managed to pick up 2 different ones and then stopped at a corner shop to get the third to complete the collection.

The magazine itself costs £2 and the free Benefit gifts are:

I'm looking forward to trying them out as I've only tried the mascara which I really like, and have heard great things about the others. Hopefully they'll last as long as Glamour's previous Benefit freebies that I've bought! I still have a bit of my full-sized It Stick concealer (now discontinued), eye bright pencil and BADgal eyeliner (unopened yet as I'm still using one I bought).

As for the extra magazines I now have, don't worry they won't be thrown in the bin. I have lots of ideas to use them for incl this mirror frame ;)

Glamour give away Benefit products each year, and I think for £2 it's a bargain. Have you tried these products? What do you think of them?

S. xo