A little while ago I stumbled upon the blog Wit & Whistle when I was looking for crafty ideas. I love cushions and was looking for a way I could customise one myself, and fell in love with this one, such a great idea! I had to make it as luckily the instructions sounded pretty straightforward. Click the link above for the detailed instructions, they're really good!!

The only problem I had was deciding on what to actually put on the cushion. I wanted quite a long quote that would cover the entire cover, and there were so many I wanted. But I finally decided on this quote - gotta love Dr Seuss! The supplies I used were:

  • Plain Cushion Cover (Bought mine from H&M here)
  • A Fabric Marker (Purchased from Amazon here)
  • A Stencil (Again from Amazon here - I used the 30mm one)
  • A pencil
  • Some cardboard (for placing inside cover)

Then I did a couple of calculations and measurements to work out how many lines to do and words/letters per line. I used tape to make a straight line each time I did a row so it wouldn't get all wonky. It's definitely worth using a pencil with the stencil before the pen to make sure the words all fit in, remember the pen is permanent! Then it's just simply using the fabric marker to stencil in the letters and fill them in.

And it's done :) It did take me quite a while to do but that's because I do usually take a while over things like this, but I enjoy doing it! Really pleased with how it came out - these cushions would make great gifts too!