This was a cushion cover DIY that I made before dinner this evening. Super quick and easy. I had found a couple plain white linen covers that I bought off eBay a while ago and decided to jazz one up a bit with a geometric pattern. It's got hexagons, triangles, circles, squares and probably some more shapes thrown in!


I drew out the lines first using a pencil and ruler starting with a cross through the middle. I didn't do any measurements and just went with it. The good thing with cushion covers is they don't have to be perfect because when they are filled they'll be all bendy anway and you won't see if the lines are a bit off.

I used my Sharpie Laundry Marker to draw over the lines (and placed cardboard inside the cover so it doesn't transfer to the back), and then drew on the circles using buttons as stencils.


It reminds me a bit of those ball and stick models from chemistry classes. I like how the pattern came out, and for just a half hour DIY it's great!


S. xo