Today we were up at 8 to get showered and leave this lovely hotel. We were all packed up and ready by 9.30. We decided last night that we'd drive via Silicon Valley, as Jon wanted to see the Google headquarters there.So we left San Francisco and found the drive through a lot easier to when we first arrived. There was still a lot of fog around so was wet and cold outside. We came off the interstate at Mountain View, and followed Google's directions until we reached 'Google' which was the name of the street. We were looking for a big sign to get a photo of so we were searching around the huge offices. Was cool as we passed loads of google bikes, including a weird one with about 6 seats facing inwards in a circle to pedal and one at the front to steer. We also passed one building where we could see staff playing ping pong. Then we spotted a big sign next to a building which we guessed were the Android offices as outside was full of android stuff. So we stopped here for photos, noticing the staff passing us were casually on there way to work at 10.30 on their bikes with macbooks in the front baskets.

From Road Trip USA
After managing to find our way out, we stopped for food and gas. We first went to Krispy Kreme for 4 doughnuts which we ate before starting to feel a bit sick of sweet stuff, so we went across the road to McDonalds to get a double cheeseburger meal.It's crazy how many mcdonalds they must have here, whenever we're hungry and pull off a road we always manage to come across a mcdonalds. Back on the road we headed for Santa Cruz. Once we arrived we looked for parking by the boardwalk/pier. We drove up to one spot but found out it was $12, so we carried on and pulled into the meter parking just next to the lot. It was 25c for 10mins, which was all the quarters we had on us.. and the change machine wasn't working. So we thought we'd just stay for 10mins, and rushed over through the rides to the beach where the sun was shining. It was pretty busy, if we had longer we would've had a go on the roller coaster. We didn't have the time on us so quickly got back to the car to see the meter had expired so had to leave.

Carried on the drive until we hit Monterey, where we pulled off and parked in a garage at Cannery Row. We had a walk around here, and thought it'd be cool to go to the aquarium, but as it was expensive and we didn't have much time we decided not to. We walked to the beach and could see sealions laying on the rocks, yay we managed to see some after theuy weren't in San Fran. We saw a Ghiradelli shop and thought we had to go in and have the world famous sundae there, so we did whilst sitting out the back by the beach - yummmy!We then went to the next town, Carmel, where Clint Eastwood was once mayor. Searched around for 'The Hog's Breath' but couldn't find it, so instead went to the beach where there were big waves, with warnings of how dangerous they'd be. We were then on the 'best' park of the CA-1 (Cabrillo Hwy/PCH) so I decided to film this until it ran outta battery so around an hours worth which we'll speed up once we're back. The views along this road were amazing, the ocean was so blue. We stopped at lots of view points for photos.

From Road Trip USA
We were stuck behind 2 slow cars which was frustrating as they were doing 20 below the speed limit and you can't overtake. They weren't pulling into the pull out stops either.. We pulled off at a state park (can't remember name) and had to pay $10 to get in. We were looking for the waterfall that goes straight in to the Pacific Ocean (the only one that does) and after looking in my book discovered we were at the wrong place so exited straight away. Luckily our pass got us into the place we were looking for - Julia Pfeiffer. We parked up here and walked out to McWay Falls and got some pics. Didn't stay long as we were both hungry and thirsty.

Continued on the beautiful road until we saw a shop at Lucia. Bought firewood ($9), a croissant, cookie and water. The campground we are straying in doesn't have drinking water. It was an expensive shop as there weren't really any along the road. Tried to pay with Jons card but it kept declining it, the lady said when that message comes up it's usually becuase of fraud. So we were both quite worried but knew we wouldn't have internet till tomorrow so forgot about it and paid with cash.

We arrived at Kirk Creek Campground at 6.30pm, where we set up our tent for the last time in record speed. Lit the fire straight after too. The campsite was awesome, with views over the pacific ocean.

From Road Trip USA
There was a bunny living at our site which was cute. We ate food around the fire, and chilled out drinking beer. We lit Jons cigar (thanks Bec) using the fire as we forgot to smoke it in Las Vegas. We watched the sunset from our beach which was lovely. It was cold here so stayed close to the fire until around 10pm when we went to the toilets which were scary as had no lights in them, and headed to bed. The tent was on grass this time so hoped for a better sleep, although we put the tent unknowingly over a huge lump which wouldn't help. Tomorrow is our last big drive to Los Angeles, which we are both excited and sad about!