We woke up late(8.30am being late) and had a leisurely morning pop tarts in bed etc. Got showered and had a spur of the moment decision to go to the gun range. On our way there I got a bit nervous and it wasn't helped by the fact that when we pulled up outside there was a protest going on against the Gun Store.(Crazy mexicans)

Decided on the Gun Store package which was to shoot a Sig Sauer P226 and a H&K MP5, 2 targets and a T-shirt for $99. We paid and then noticed the queue which was HUGE. It took us about 2 hours to get to the front, we filled the time by spying on other peoples conversations (quite interesting one behind us with a woman doing a similar trip to us and then chatting about what guns they owned..to put it in perspective the one lady was short and skinny and the other was a 16 year old girl...). Was definitely worth the wait, really enjoyed it. People were super friendly and couldn't recommend it more don't be nervous you should do it. I can tell even Sarah was thinking about having a go. As you can see from her trigger finger happy photo :)

From Road Trip USA
From Road Trip USA
Video of me shooting H&K MP5

Video of me shooting Sig Sauer P226 Pistol

By the time we were out and back at the hotel it was 2pm. It was Sarah's turn to choose what to do, and she decided to hang out at the Flamingo pool. On our way we stopped at O'Sheas and got a $3 beer and hot dog each. Couldn't bring outside beer into the pool area though so had to down it outside. Went in, grabbed some towels and found some loungers. Was really busy and loads of drunk people about. Funny booty shaking contest at the other side of the pool. We could just hear what was going on which was hilarious, some american lady wooping left right and center and crowds cheering the people on. Went into the pool too which was super refreshing and nice and cold, went under the waterfall (yes it had a waterfall) it was awesome. Sunbathed for the next couple of hours listening to the loud music playing on the speakers. As we were about to leave a big fat man (probably british) was dragged out of the pool by a lifeguard because he was falling asleep in the pool. His incredibly sunburnt friend was trying to get him to leave but he was lying on a lounger swearing at people (funny).

We went back to the hotel to shower and get ready to go out for a meal. We went for a wander but couldn't find anywhere that we fancied so we went back to our room to look for places that were recommended. Decided on serendipty 3 in Ceasars. Went over and had to wait half hour for a table. Had a really weird waiter, either he had a funny sense of humour or he was depressed and hated his job. On the up side the food was gorgeous, I had "the full monty" sandwich with steak fries and Sarah had the BBQ chicken pizza. For dessert we shared the frozzzen hot chocolate which is what the place is known for, was totally worth it. Even though we were totally stuffed we managed to pretty much finish it.

From Road Trip USA
Whilst we were eating it looked like they were setting up a film set with a few cameras and lighting. Will have to keep an eye out for any tv shows, movies or music videos filmed in serendipity 3 las vegas. Went to watch the Bellagio fountains again and headed back to the hotel via some street acts (Little Elvis, Michael Jackson and las vegas junk drummers who were quite good). Fell straight to sleep which was good as we had a long drive ahead of us the next day.