A couple days ago I was searching the web for a new breakfast recipe. I make pancakes most Saturdays and felt like something different this weekend. That's when I found this recipe via pinterest, and they sounded so good especially as me and Jon both love cinnamon (I wish we had a Cinnabon in Edinburgh).

These muffins are AMAZING. Like melt-in-your-mouth sugary deliciousness. They're like doughnut holes and would go down very nicely with a hot cup of coffee. Just don't eat too many at once, there's a lot of sugar in there...

They are so simple to make too [Here's the recipe again in case you missed it]. I had all of the ingredients (minus nutmeg which I replaced with a teeny bit more cinnamon) in my cupboard. I think I would only make half of the coating next time, I still have loads left over which I'll save for whenever I want to use cinnamon sugar instead of regular. I also made 4 in cases and just dipped the top in, just so I can store them easier.

Here's how they looked after they came out of the oven before I coated them.

And here they are in all of their sugary-goodness.

You have to make these muffins. Seriously. Do it right now.

S. xo