Begin with a brisk 5-minute walk, then two repetitions of 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.

It's Week 3 and still enjoying it!

Week 3 Run 1:


When / Where / Weather: Saturday / Holyrood Park / light snow

Comments: Today we went for a drive to Holyrood Park for our run and left a little later than usual. I had cereal when I woke up and it was around an hour later we went for the run. So I had a bad stitch during the first run, and when it came to the 3 min run I was really struggling but kept going. Jon thought I was going to cry..! So we paused the podcast after the run for a minute whilst I tried to get rid of it, and when it calmed down we carried on. We decided to try a different route and ended up running up a very steep muddy hill, but by the time we were up my stitch was gone and I had a sudden rush of energy. We were both very tired after and I think from now on I won't eat breakfast until we get back home, and we won't be doing that route again until we are fitter!

Week 3 Run 2:


When / Where / Weather: Monday / Union Canal / cloudy

Comments: I didn't eat breakfast before we went out today but took a banana with me for after the run (we are usually up at 8 and out around 8.45ish). We both felt a lot better this time and felt we could keep going on for longer. We noticed that this week takes less time than the previous weeks, and we cover 3.5km compared to 4.1km previously. Excited for the next run!

Week 3 Run 3:


When / Where / Weather: Thursday / Union Canal / sun and clouds

Comments: Today felt warmer as the sun kept peeking out. Sticking with the not eating until we get home which is working out well. We ran alongside a kayak and a canal boat which was cool. Again we felt like we could run more, but we'll see how we feel about that next week with the longer runs..!

S. xo

//I am following the Couch to 5k plan from the NHS, listening to the free C25K podcasts, and using the nike+ app to track each run. You can see all the C25K posts here//