Begin with a brisk 5-minute walk, then 3 minutes of running, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of running, 2½ minutes of walking, 3 minutes of running, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of running.

It's week 4 and still enjoying it!

Week 4 Run 1:


When / Where / Weather: Saturday / Union Canal / sun

Comments: Our first 5 min run today. The sun was out and we actually took our gloves off halfway as we started to sweat. Felt really good after the run, and pleased with the progress and improvement since week one. Also, the daffodils are finally coming out!

Week 4 Run 2:


When / Where / Weather: Monday / Union Canal / cloudy

Comments: Out early this morning as we had to park at a pay & display spot last night as there were no spaces left so the car needed moving. Along the canal there were lots of kids and parents doing the school run and commuters cycling so we had to run in single file most of the time. Both of our legs were still aching after we walked in the Pentlands on Saturday, so we struggled a bit to keep them moving. Managed it though and it felt great.

Week 4 Run 3:


When / Where / Weather: Thursday / Union Canal / clouds

Comments: Nice and quiet along the canal today. Found this run quite hard, I'm not sure but maybe it's because for the Thursday runs we always have 2 days of rest before it. I had a stitch on the final run and found it really hard to keep running but I was determined not to stop and made it. I'm quite nervous for next week as it's a 'transitional' week which transitions from running mixed with walking to just running. Should be able to run 20 mins non-stop by the end of the week. Will see how that goes!

S. xo

//I am following the Couch to 5k plan from the NHS, listening to the free C25K podcasts, and using the nike+ app to track each run. You can see all the C25K posts here//