I start my new full-time job next Tuesday, and whilst I'm not working I've been filling my weekdays with baking, crafting and housework. And watching back to back episodes of Grey's Anatomy (addicted). Last week I decided to give cross stitching a go. It's cheap and time-consuming and I can watch as much TV as possible whilst doing it. I haven't cross stitched since I was 15 but it's super simple to pick up.

I had a browse on Etsy and decided to purchase this Breaking Bad cross stitch pattern. Breaking Bad is an awesome TV show from beginning to end (OK we are a couple episodes from the end but we know it's gonna be crazy good) so I thought it'd be cool to remember it with this cross stitch. Jon gave it a thumbs up too which sealed the deal. I bought all the supplies online and got started on it as soon as it was all delivered.

I really enjoyed making it and I've already begun my next cross stitch project. Think I've found a new hobby here..

S. xo