blackford hill

For our first new camera trip, Jon & I went for a walk around Blackford Hill. I wrote about this place two years ago (here). It's funny to look at the photos I took up on the hill back then (probably taken on my Orange San Francisco phone!). There are always lots of photographers up there so I knew it would be a good spot to try out the camera.

blackford hill1
blackford hill2
blackford hill3
blackford hill4
blackford hill5
blackford hill6

I still have a very long way to go, I don't even know what half of the buttons do. It was fun to just play around with the camera and see what it could do with some of the more simple settings.

It was such a nice evening it was hard not to get some decent photos up on the hill with the great views over Edinburgh. I love how the leaves are beginning to turn brown too.

blackford hill7

S. xo