So I'm back in Edinburgh after 2 weeks in Cardiff! Was great to finally see everyone again and chill out like it was a holiday.

I wanted to share a few pics I took from a couple of days we spent in West Wales along the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast. It was Me, Jon, my dad and bro and we stayed at the Youth Hostel in Broad Haven.

We went surfing at Newgale beach. The waves were big and frequent, and the sun was out shining. So much fun!

In the evening we had a yummy meal at The Cambrian Inn in Solva, then went for a walk along Newgale beach and saw the sunset. It was lovely.

After a good nights sleep (and yeh we played the obligatory game of Scrabble in the evening) we found that the weather wasn't so good, so before the rain came we walked to the beach at Broad Haven. We skimmed rocks and my Dad showed us the coal and iron in the cliffs.

On the drive home we stopped off at Kidwelly Castle. The castle was great but we didn't think much of the statue 'art' that was in there...


The next time we'll be in Cardiff will be for Christmas. Then it'll only be another 4 months and I'll be graduating. Getting nervous now it's all going to be over so soon! We are both already looking forward to getting back to Wales and seeing everyone again.

S. xo