Yesterday me and Jon went for a walk to Holyrood Park. The weather wasn't too good but we wanted to get some fresh air and exercise after a very lazy weekend (think movies and lots of ice-cream). From our flat to the park it's about 2.5miles through Edinburgh's old town. We had planned on walking up Arthur's Seat but the ground was quite slippery so skipped it this time.

Instead we walked along the Salisbury Crags and up to the base of Arthur's Seat and around in a loop. There were quite a lot of people about, and a few runners covered in mud. We would like to live near here so we could go jogging around the park in the mornings, perhaps one day we will try and jog there and back from our flat (hmm just maybe).

This is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh, it's nice having such a big park so close to the city centre and with great views of the city. There's lots of walks to do in the park, and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting!

Hopefully the weather will pick up soon, I can't believe we are already in July.

S. xo