Firstly, I just have to say EXAMS ARE OVER! I had my last exam today and it went really well. I'm so relieved to finish studying and know that all my hard work will hopefully pay off.

So yesterday was mine and Jon's 7 years-of-being-a-couple anniversary. We're celebrating this weekend by cooking a yummy meal together and allowing ourselves to put the electric heating on ha!

I just wanted to share a couple things that I gave Jon, starting with his card and wrap:


Love this card, it's cute + math related = yay! It's from FatBunnyPress on Etsy - totally recommended. Also that pacman wrapping paper is just printable paper from Minieco which is free. The site has lots of printable wraps and other cool templates; I want to try making these paper gems and diamonds. Jon gave me origami paper too so they will be getting made!


I had a 7x7" book made from Blurb of our time in Edinburgh as students. I'm so impressed by the quality. I used Bookify to put it all together, just dragged the pics in and played around with the pre-made page layouts, so easy! I think it looks great, and it's something we'll look back on and laugh at (there are a lot of embarrassing photos in there). The majority of pages are made up of photo grids (2x2 and 3x3), and there's 40pages in total. Here are some photos of a few pages, poor lighting doesn't do them justice unfortunately.


If you want a good quality photobook, I'd recommend Blurb. I found a 30% off code online too, so have a Google if you fancy getting one for yourselves or as a gift!

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

S. xo

// To Jon: I want to say how thankful I am of you, for keeping me sane during studying and making me laugh hysterically over things like "trudagrapevin" and "Ranjit says..". This next years going to be full of changes, like where we'll live and having graduate jobs (fingers crossed ha)... but I am so excited to do it all with you! I love you so much xx p.s. can't wait to fill up our huge book - I love it! //