OK so my birthday was almost a month ago now so this is kinda late (dissertations suck), but I wanted to write a quick post about it like I did last year. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, cards, gifts and celebrations. I had a fantastic one :)

Again, as I share my birthday with 2 friends (they're twins!), we all went out in Edinburgh to celebrate. I bought a new dress with my birthday cash from ASOS, this one to be precise:

bdaydress Glamorous Belted Skater Dress In Geo Maze Print

which I loved :) Of course, I painted my nails too in my new Coralicious polish, love the bright colour against the black and white print.


During the day Jon took me for lunch at Papii, I popped in to uni for a couple of classes then returned home for a chinese takeaway. I also received lots of cool gifts, here's a couple I just had to share (excuse the lack of lighting!)...


1. The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World. Where to go next... I'd love to travel around South America, especially Peru!


2. Krakow (Lonely Planet Encounter Guides) & Polish Zloty. Jon and I are visiting Poland for a week with 6 friends in May!


3. Gok Cooks Chinese. Jon and I cooked the Soy Glazed Chicken for Valentine's Day and it was divine.

And that's my 23rd birthday!

S. xo