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72 hours in Copenhagen: Day 3

Monday // Day 3

Our final day in Copenhagen began with more Danish pastries. We walked round the corner from our AirBnB and down a small alley to a Laura's Bakery - yum! We sat outside enjoying our last Danish breakfast, chatting about what we could do today (our feet were still tired from yesterday so we didn't want too much walking).

We decided on a visit to Nørrebro since we were recommended it as a different atmosphere to where we were staying, particularly Ravensborggade compared to Værnedamsvej. We hopped on a bus there (saving our feet). We wandered around the area - it has a more multi-cultural feel compared to Vesterbro, with a variety of shops. I think the area is also known for its nightlife.


We walked along Ravensborggade which was filled with antique shops with shopkeepers sitting out in the street in the sun. It was around midday and as we passed some nice cafes I thought we could get away with an early lunch. We ate Smørrebrød (open sandwiches) outside at Cafe Gavlen. Very tasty and filling.


Back on a bus to our AirBnB we packed up our stuff and dropped our bags into a locker in Copenhagen central station. With no plans we walked towards the shops, passing by City Hall (Københavns Rådhus) where there were a load of plant pots placed on the floor. We rested our feet at a Joe & The Juice (they are everywhere here!) and eyed up an Italian restaurant opposite that we thought would be great for dinner.

Copenhagen City Hall
Joe & The Juice

We fancied a hotdog at a hotdog stand but thought we'd need cash so I tried to withdraw some but kept getting declined and thought my card might've been blocked. (I use the Halifax Clarity card when travelling and try to avoid cash.) Thinking we'd be without money the rest of the day, we walked to Rosenborg castle which was close by. The renaissance architecture was gorgeous and was set in lovely grounds. We didn't go inside just wandered around outside and found a spot for a short nap. As I woke up there were two swans walking straight towards us. Thinking they were about to attack we jumped up, they had no fear of us and sat right where we were sitting!

Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle
Swans Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle

After an hour we crossed over to the Botanical Gardens for more relaxing in lovely surroundings. There were red squirrels running up and down trees together. One stopped right by my feet as Jon was snapping photos of them. By the glasshouses there was an ice-cream van and I thought I'd try my card and hope for the best. Thankfully it worked and so we both went for chocolate and nougat ice creams - delicious - though the cost was crazy at £4 each!!

Outside Rosenborg Castle
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens Red Squirrels
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens

We were told the gardens would be closing soon so we made our way out and back toward the Italian restaurant we found earlier. We passed the organic hotdog stand (DØP - we heard about it before our trip) and noticed they accepted card so we felt we had to get one after our disappointment earlier. We shared a regular hotdog and it was so good! Something we noticed about Copenhagen is everywhere we went accepted card - all of the street food stalls/markets we visited did and they also offered some kind of phone payment too.

Hotdog at DØP Copenhagen

I called our shared hotdog a 'starter' so I didn't feel bad about going straight to the Italian restaurant. The restaurant was called Ristorante Italiano, and has been there since 1952 (apparently the first Italian in Copenhagen). We sat outside where there were blankets and heaters, though it was still sunny and warm when we were there. We both ate pizza and Jon had his last Danish beer of the trip.

Ristorante Italiano Copenhagen

Feeling like we'd eaten all we could during our time here, we walked for our last time through this wonderful city to central station for our train to the airport. We had a fantastic 72 hours in Copenhagen, Jon said it was his favourite city break so far and it was up there for me too. The public transport was easy and the people were lovely and friendly. The prices weren't as high as we thought they could be (depends where you go like any city), though we noticed desserts were ridiculous - in restaurants they were the same price as the mains.

Tivoli Entrance
Copenhagen Trip

Thank you for an amazing break Copenhagen!

S. xo